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New! Dual Sole Technology: The Next Best Thing to Barefoot

Choose your own adventure with the slip on York, or the lace up Rapidan

Tested tough for rugged adventures. Stylish enough to turn heads.
Cudas’ new Dual Sole design enables free foot movement and improved flexibility for all your aquatic activities. See the York Dual Sole water shoe in action!

Take your outdoors to the next level!

A feature previously available only to hunters, dancers and rock climbers, Cudas new dual sole design now offers that same foot flexibility in an active outdoor shoe. This innovative design allows the wearer to curve, grip, rotate and enjoy more natural movement on challenging terrain like rocks, sand or steep slopes. Whether you're rocking it in the pool at Aqua Zumba, or splashing in and out of the river, our fast draining, quick drying dual sole water shoes will keep your feet safe, secure and happy.

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