4 Sneaky Things That Will Ruin Your Summer Fun...and How to Avoid Them

You’ve checked the long-range forecast, mapped out local summer events, and bought that hilarious inflatable popsicle float to debut in front of all your friends at your local beach. You’re ready for summer.

Or, at least you think you are.

The downside to this warm season and all the time you’re spending outside in the beautiful weather is that you increase your chances of summer-related mishaps. Whether it’s an unexpected injury you get playing beach volleyball or a bad sunburn because you opted for tanning lotion instead of SPF, accidents can happen and have the potential to ruin the day or the season.

Any of these has the potential to put a serious damper on your summer fun, or worse, pose long-term health risks. We want you to take advantage of the upcoming summer weather but stay safe and prepared for any challenges the season or your activities present.

Here are the 4 most common ways that you can inadvertently ruin your summer fun:

1. Sunburn

We all know that one person who’s always burnt. You see them everywhere—at the beach, the gym, and the grocery store. They are a red and uncomfortable beacon that reminds you of every bad sunburn you’ve ever gotten and have you cringing from the memory.

Avoid Sunburn

Wear Sunscreen

Don’t be that person. Start by swapping your oil for some high SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen sprays are a good start while creams are the best. For the most protection, reapply often, especially if you’re sweating or getting wet. Waterproof sport sunscreens are often the best choice if you’re planning on being active outside all day, as they’ll stand up to whatever moisture you throw at them as long as you reapply as directed.

Shade Your Eyes

It’s not just your skin that can get sunburned, but your eyes can too. We all know about the health risks that come with repeated and intense skin sunburns; now imagine the nightmare of having those affect your eyes. Avoid the irritation, potential for developing cataracts, and other health risks that come with eye sunburns, and opt for sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection, HEV, near-UV, and blue-light filtering. Wearing a hat is also a good idea to protect your eyes and delicate facial skin. 

Take Breaks

Above all else, monitor your outside sun time. Sunburns can develop in as few as 15 minutes, so make sure you watch your time and intersperse activities in the sun with those in the shade. Your body will seriously thank you for it. And stay hydrated! When you're outside sweating, your body loses fluid faster than you think. Make sure you're drinking enough water to replace it or you could risk dehydration. 

2. Bugs

They’re unavoidable wherever you go. Whether it’s the mosquitoes at home, the dock spiders the size of your hand at the cottage, or the ticks on the trails, summer weather means bugs.

Know Your Bugs

Not all bugs are created equally or innocuously; they can’t all be cute ladybugs. Part of staying safe and prepared this summer is learning to identify dangerous bugs like ticks and poisonous spiders. If you learn where these disease and poison carriers like to hang out, the more likely you will be able to avoid and deal with their nasty bites.

Brown Tick

Check for ticks on your legs after going in tall grass, or wooded areas. Ticks carry dangerous diseases. Don't forget to check your kids and pets as well! 

Pack Repellants

Sometimes, you can’t avoid bugs. When you’re in the middle of the woods on a week-long camping trip, there’s nowhere that you can go where a cloud of annoying mosquitoes won't follow you. You need more than just two hands to swat all of them away, and that’s when bug spray comes in handy. 

Stock up on reliable bug sprays for everyday use, pack netting to protect yourself when you’re sleeping, and bring thick clothing that will prevent errant and persistent mosquitoes from biting you through your clothes.

The most important part of staying protected from bugs is being vigilant about checking for them on your body. Make sure you check your body, your kids', and your pets' for any stray critters that may be clinging to their clothes, fur, and hair. 

Also, make sure you pack after-bite care items to treat bites from various bugs.

3. Foot & Leg Injuries

    The best part of summer is the nice weather that’s perfect for trekking out into the world on an adventure. Take on any summer quest without putting yourself at risk by wearing supportive and comfortable footwear that lets you journey to your heart’s content.

    Shoes to Avoid

    Don’t risk the ankle injury that comes with wearing flimsy and unsupportive footwear. Flip flops, slip-on sandals, and unsteady heeled shoes put both adults and kids at a higher risk for foot and ankle injuries. The last thing you want is a puncture wound, a rolled ankle, or a broken foot because your shoes can’t stand up to the tests of your summer activity.

    Cudas York Water Shoe

    Shoes to Adore

    A great way to avoid these preventable injuries is to invest in a pair of shoes that can handle multiple environments while still being supportive and comfortable. If you’re in and around water or rocky environments, the wrong shoe can lead to slips, twisted ankles, stubbed toes, cuts, and even more. Wear a water shoe with support, traction, and built-in protection that will shelter your foot while still allowing you to be your adventurous self.

    4. Submerged or Busted Phone

    This particular mishap probably won’t pose a health risk unless you’re completely dependent on your phone, but it definitely poses a financial health risk.

    Whether you have to repair or replace your water-logged technology, the process takes time and often hundreds of dollars. Moreover, whatever plans you’re trying to schedule with people now get put on hold until you can get a replacement phone. The last thing you want when planning or embarking on your fun summer trips is phone issues holding you back from continuing or beginning your adventure.

    Broken iPhone

    Take Precautions

    Avoid the headache and hassle that a soaked phone will bring by always checking your pockets before jumping into the water, investing in a dry bag, a waterproof case, or at least a Ziploc bag. Use these and other helpful tips and tricks to make sure whatever gets wet is what’s supposed to.

    Enjoy Your Summer While Staying Safe

    If you stay vigilant and prepared you have a better chance of enjoying yourself this season. Whether it’s packing an extra item or checking your ankles for ticks after exiting tall grass, the key to summer fun is being aware of the risks that all the extra outdoor time brings. Plan ahead and be ready for whatever challenges nature throws your way.





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