Aqua aerobics, aqua zumba, water aerobics, aqua jogging, whatever your preferred type of water based exercise may be…you’ve made a smart and healthy decision! Water based exercise offers so many benefits that you just don’t get from other exercises like walking, jogging, or regular aerobics classes. Water aerobics provides constant resistance for better cardio, and muscle building, plus it has the added benefit of being low impact on your muscles and joints. People who suffer from arthritis, muscle and joint pain, or are recovering from an injury are prime candidates for water based exercise. No matter your fitness level, finding the best water aerobics shoes is an important part of getting the most out of your workout!

1. Find an aqua aerobics shoe that fits snugly with no discomfort or pinching 
Finding a shoe that fits well is the #1 most important factor to a great water aerobics experience. Read reviews about how shoes fit and make sure to pay attention to manufacturer’s recommendations. When in doubt, we recommend ordering a size down if you are between sizes. Most water shoes tend to run a bit large, and almost all of them will stretch out slightly with use. Try on your shoes on dry land to make sure they fit well without causing you any pain or discomfort.

If your toes feel like they’re rubbing, try clipping your toenails, as toe nail scraping will become more pronounced once you get in the water. Most water shoes will loosen up a bit once you’re in the pool and if they’re too big they may slip around, making any pain points even more painful. That’s why we say, make sure they’re a little tight and hug your foot well before you start your workout. Nothing ruins a workout faster than too-loose shoes that are rubbing you the wrong way. A snug fit should ensure that the shoe offers a little bit of arch support for your foot as well. Don’t worry too much about this, as you’re in the water so support is not going to make or a break a workout, but it’s a nice to have. Make sure you read reviews to get a good idea of the fit if you are in doubt.

2. Go for an adjustable fit if you have narrow or small feet
Did we mention that all water shoes have a tendency to loosen in water? Right. So buying a shoe that allows for some adjustment will ensure the best fit both in and out of the water. It will also extend the life of your shoe because even if it stops fitting like it did on day one, you can still tighten it down for a better fit. Adjustable shoes can also cut down on rubbing if it starts happening, as well as reduce the annoyance of a less than perfect snug fit. We highly recommend adjustable water shoes for aerobics users! Our New Rapidan Dual Sole water shoe(below)is a favorite with water aerobics fans for this very reason.

Rapidan Womens Dual Sole Water Shoe

3. Snag a water aerobics shoe with good drainage
It’s not always obvious that water shoes need to provide good drainage, but it will become clear once you’re moving around in the water that this is important. A well drained shoe should be made of material that allows water to move freely in and out of the shoe, as well as provide additional drainage holes in the sides and sometimes the bottom. The last thing you want is your water shoe acting like a scuba fin and flapping wildly around your foot - this can happen with a shoe that drains poorly.

4. Look for good traction and foot protection
In a low resistance pool environment, good traction on the bottom of your water aerobics shoes is a must have. Look for a solid rubber outer, rather than just traction strips - shoes that are built this way will hold up better over time and offer more solid footing. You should also be thinking about all around foot protection, primarily in the toe box. Toe stubs do happen in pool workouts, as do scrapes getting in and out of the pool. A shoe that offers solid all around foot protection is always a good way to go. Cudas’ Hyco water shoe for example (in pink!) has great toe and heel protection and can do double duty in the pool or on rocky beaches.

5. Finally, find a shoe made of fast drying material 
Most water shoes are constructed from a combination of mesh, neoprene and rubber. These materials are all designed to dry quickly so you can get in, work out, and be on your way. If you’re like us, you wear your shoes in the car on the way to class, in the pool, and then in the car on the way home. So it goes without saying you want something that is not going to leave you squishing around in self made puddles all day. 

There’s a lot to think about when shopping for the best water aerobics shoe for you. We’ve tested all our shoes in actual water aerobics classes and work hard to keep improving, so you can get the most out of your work out!


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