5 Tips for Choosing the Best Water Shoe

Water shoes are quickly becoming an essential pair of footwear for any novice or experienced adventurer. When you're exploring a new trail or trying a new water sport, the last thing you want to hold you back is your footwear. Don’t let the fear of a soggy sneaker or the chafing of a wet flip flop be the reason you sit this excursion out. Get a good pair of water shoes!

But how do you choose which water shoes to get?

You want to walk into your vacation or adventure feeling confident in yourself and your choice of gear. That includes buying the right kind of water shoe for your needs. Dip your toes into a bit of research to find out what water shoe works best for you and your lifestyle. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect water shoe for all of your adventuring needs.

Dig the Dual Sole

If you’re going into your vacation or adventure unsure of where it will take you, your best bet is buying a dual-sole water shoe.

A dual sole has two soles on the ball of the foot and the heel. By separating the sole, the shoe still protects the points of contact for your foot while also giving you more flexibility and rotational ease than a single sole.

With a dual sole, you can grip rocky terrain and move from the water to the trail with no problem. Since its design is based on the actual arch of a foot, you may find hiking in the dual sole feels as natural as going barefoot.

For the adventurer looking to keep their options open and their feet comfortable, the dual sole is the water shoe for you.

Where You’re Trekking

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Water Shoe

By nature, water shoes are designed to open up the possibilities for your trek and turn any environment into a conquerable one. Sometimes, that environment is a kayak, a trail, a resort, or an aerobics class. Choosing the right water shoe all depends on where you’re using them. It has to be comfortable and suitable for the activity.

Trail Trekking

If you’re heading into the great outdoors, you should pick a water shoe with strong support around your foot that doesn't easily slip off under duress. The Hyco water shoe is the perfect example of a shoe made for the adventurer. Its toe and heel bumpers add extra protection; the outer sole is anti-slip and non-marking; the pig-nose toggle allows you to easily adjust the shoe to secure your foot inside.

Water Sports

If you plan to be walking poolside or beachside around a resort, then you should opt for a light water shoe that’s both comfortable and stylish. The Catalina water shoe, with its low profile fashionable design and grippy soles, is the perfect shoe for the vacationer who’s heading from the kayak to the poolside bar. Keep the fun coming with a shoe that you can effortlessly wear in any resort area.

If you’re heading to your water aerobics class or water polo game, you should be looking for a shoe that’s light, stays on tight, and has minimal drag in the water. The Shasta water shoe has grippy soles for quick movement in the water, is breathable and light, and stays on securely. Win the game or rock the fitness class with a water shoe that’s able to withstand everything you throw at it.

Temperature Considerations

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Water Shoe

Before buying the first water shoe that you see, consider the temperature of where you’re going. If you’re going to be in and out of cooler water and into a cool environment, pick a shoe that has a little bit of insulation to keep your feet warm. On the other end of the temperature spectrum is the hot climate. If you’re heading into warm water, hot springs, or an indoor pool, a water shoe that’s light and breathable will make your feet more comfortable during the activities.

The dual-soled Rapidan water shoe stands up to whatever motion you can throw at it, but its added insulation and all over foot coverage make it ideal for cooler environments.

Best for warm environments is the dual-soled Roanoke water shoe; its cutaway panels and breathable fabric ensure your feet aren’t getting over-heated in warm climates.

Go Forth and Adventure!

best water shoe

Choosing water shoes is the easiest part of planning your adventure, class, or getaway, as they’re an essential item that you can coordinate and reuse for many different uses.

So, step out of your comfort zone and into some comfortable soles. Wanderlust has never looked better than it does in a pair of water shoes.


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