The Benefits of Water Shoes for Pool Exercise

Once you’ve signed up for water aerobics, water polo, or any other pool exercise, you may think that you’re done and ready to jump right into water fitness. What you might not realize is that you need to pick up a good pair of water shoes so that you can really perform your best.

Being safe, agile, and prepared in the pool is so necessary for you to enjoy yourself and get in a good workout. The right water shoe is an essential part of that equation. Here are just a few of the many benefits of grabbing a water aerobics shoe for any kind of pool exercise you may be doing.

Stay Safe and Avoid Slipping in the Pool

We’ve all been told not to run around the pool and to wait 30 minutes after eating until getting in. But what about other safety concerns? Entering and exiting the pool can be tricky, and sometimes even walking around the side can be dangerous. There may be cups, goggles, towels, and people milling about poolside, and all of these things can be potential tripping hazards. Water aerobics shoes can greatly reduce your chances of having a mishap.

Water aerobics shoes like the Roanoke collection offer stability and flexibility. The shoe tread, toggle cinch, and heel counter give you sufficient grip. So, when you’re going down the steps or walking the pool tiles, you can feel secure in your shoe and your next steps.

Don’t let a slip ruin your polo game, so step into a sole you can trust!

Comfortable Materials Won’t Distract You

When you’re exercising, you don’t want your shoes or anything else distracting you from focusing on your form, the music, or the way your body feels. The last thing you need is a bulky strap digging into the top of your foot and sending pain shooting through your leg. Don’t miss the final pose when the Zumba beat drops because you’re busy adjusting your shoe.

The Rapidan water shoe has breathable waterflow mesh, a stretch neoprene upper, and adjustable bungee laces. All of these features add up to a shoe that stretches to accommodate your foot and motions. With the Rapidan, you can comfortably follow the moves without losing focus because a piece of clunky plastic is digging into your skin.

Choose comfort as a priority when you’re picking out a water aerobics shoe. Your feet will definitely thank you for it. 

Get a Shoe That’s as Mobile as You Are

The last thing you want is a clunky water aerobics shoe that isn’t flexible enough to let you do the movements you want to. Water shoes should support you but not inhibit your range of motion. So skip the thick, heavy, and inflexible pair on the shelves of your local bargain store because they’re just going to weigh you down. Grab a state-of-the-art shoe that can splash around as much as you do in the pool.

The York water shoe comes with built-in, dual-sole technology that gives you twice the flexibility and ease of motion that one sole would. The benefit of having two soles is the added flexing and pointing of your toe, which makes you feel like you’re not wearing any shoes at all. So, embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with two soles and pick up a pair of water shoes!

Protect Your Toes From Everything

Sometimes, you miss a step at dance class, drop the football, or miss a pitch on the baseball diamond. Accidents happen, and pool sports and exercises are no different. You may stub your toes on the pool tile, catch something on your foot while poolside, or hit your toes off the edge of the ladder. A good pair of water shoes can protect your toes from whatever comes your way.

The toe and heel bumper on the Hyco water shoes protect and support both ends of your foot to give you comfort and security while you do what you love. Don’t be nervous about potential stubs or scratches when you have a protective water aerobics shoe in your corner. Get in the pool and perform your best with Hyco shoes.

Water Aerobics Shoes Perform in the Pool

Add water shoes to your list of things to grab before you hop into the pool or your next water exercise activity. Their comfort, protection, and safety features work seamlessly to make your feet feel great and ready for action!


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